about tuningscrews and threads


standart tensionrod The nomal standart screw has a diameter of about 5,15mm and the thread is called 

BSW 7/32 inch 24G

 which means we have 24 threads on a lenght of 1 inch .This screw is used on most of modern and vintage drums like Ludwig,Rogers,Gretsch,Slingerland and others 

some say  12/24 UNC is about the same


SONOR tensionrod The SONOR screw has a diameter of about 6,20mm and has 20 threats on a lenght of 1 inch.This Version is called

BSW 1/4 inch 20G

its used by SONOR only as far as i know

M6 tensionrod This is a M6 screw used on BDs of Pearl Drums for example. 

Its a regular DIN M6  thread diameter is about 5,75mm and one thread is 1 mm high

Trixon tensionrod This is a M5 screw used on Trixon Drums and Tromsa

Its a regular DIN M5  thread diameter is about 4,70mm and one thread is 0,8 mm high

Star This is a  special M5 screw used on some old Japanese Drums (Star,Drummate etc..)

Diameter about 4,9mm and one thread is 0,9 mm high




This is a Hayman-tensionrod 3/16 Inch 24 Thread on 1" Its a little thicker than normal 7/32 thread
This is a Premiern-tensionrod 3/16 Inch 24 Thread on 1" Its a little thicker than normal 7/32 thread

Fixingscrews and more

DW Lugs Fixingscrews

are 3/16 24Thread

old Tama

are 3/16 28thread

Newer Tama use M4


are 5/32 32thread

Floortomfeet or Bassdrumspurs

sometimes are 3/8  16 Thread

or M10 like SONOR


comparing threats

more when i have time,Suggestions and pictures welcome



You can measure that with a thing called 

" Gewindelehre

available in shop for screws and nuts for about 10.- Euro 







Or use a screw you be sure about the thread and hold it on the unknown screw like the picture shows.If its threads fit in like in the picture and the diameter is the same you are sure to have the same thread