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Online Drumclothing/ Oliver Rummlers Band -Musikerinitiative Gronau Tom Gerke
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Customers sets and snares

Bertram Engel likes his new recovered set in green pearl.Recovered by his drumtech Benjamin Johl.

Charly Terstappen(The Lords) likes his recovered DW(silver sparkle) and Ludwig(oyster black)

Brasssnare.jpg (29696 Byte)


Fantastic Snare build by Adrian Kirchler

A Great Beatles Fan /Christian from Dresden

klam1.jpg (4087 Byte)klam2.jpg (6074 Byte)klam3.jpg (3108 Byte)klam4.jpg (2849 Byte)klam5.jpg (6299 Byte) and some of his Ludwig drums



A Rogers Fan/Willi Lütz from Cologne

willi1.jpg (6229 Byte)willi2.jpg (7274 Byte)willi3.jpg (6267 Byte)willi4.jpg (5880 Byte)Willi6.jpg (4591 Byte)

IMGP2012.JPG (7480 Byte) Gretschset in continental Pearl from Max Gebhardtpatrick.jpg (5989 Byte)Patick Fischers set in charcoal

Marquee4.jpg (4111 Byte)Patrick Mehler-- see his Band in the Linkpage    snare by Torsten Petry

koefer2.jpg (9088 Byte)koefer5.jpg (3928 Byte)koeferludwig.jpg (4849 Byte)

koeferrogers.jpg (4919 Byte)koefersling1.jpg (4679 Byte)koefer6.jpg (2849 Byte)koefer7.jpg (6337 Byte)koefersling2.jpg (5165 Byte)

koefersonor1.jpg (4555 Byte)koefersonor2.jpg (5293 Byte)koefersonor3.jpg (4827 Byte)koefersonor4.jpg (4795 Byte)koefersonor5.jpg (5832 Byte)

koefersonor6.jpg (4860 Byte)Premier60a.jpg (3871 Byte)Collection of Willi Koefer(died 2005)

danny.jpg (13629 Byte)danny1.jpg (6860 Byte)danny2.jpg (6923 Byte)Daniel Zimmermann did that great job

falko1.jpg (5419 Byte)falko3.jpg (7754 Byte)falko4.jpg (5690 Byte)Great job done by Falko Schlötel

sakke.jpg (15229 Byte)Great job done by Sakke FI linden.jpg (10526 Byte) TW white pearl on the set of Manfred Linden

schader2.jpg (10841 Byte)schader3.jpg (9893 Byte)Thomas Schader`s  Snares

Speedfire set of Remo Michel remo1.jpg (8858 Byte)remo2.jpg (10573 Byte)

steve.JPG (19094 Byte)Metal-Snare build by Steve Yates from England

   masa.jpg (9165 Byte) Gray pearl recovering by Masa /Finnlandfenkes1.jpg (9467 Byte)great Job by Florian Fenkes  
tob1.jpg (9799 Byte)tob2.jpg (7921 Byte)tob3.JPG (9015 Byte)great Job by Tobias Erhard
michelgisie02.jpg (9807 Byte)michelgisie03.jpg (9331 Byte)michelgisie04.jpg (7543 Byte)Michel Gisie/France
lill.jpg (13430 Byte)Andreas Lill´s Sonor set in Antique white Pearl!!!  His
buerthel3.jpg (20922 Byte) build by steffen bürthel!!! Great work! see also his website
Bernd Löschbergers MinisetMike Gerdings build this snare 12X7 Snare by Viktor Freriks 
CIMG0688.JPG (15603 Byte)CIMG0407.JPG (14149 Byte)

Yamaha recovered in Taiwan white pearl .Owner :Matthias Schimetzek


Jack Duvalls Mini Set  build by Michael Bugla  black oyster on Nick Hynes ludwig snare, 

blue101.jpg (18005 Byte)Green pearl 14 x 6 (4).jpg (12790 Byte)

Andy Morris build that snares, Nice!!


14erPearlTom.jpg (5484 Byte)14erPearlTom1.jpg (7507 Byte)14erPearlTom2.jpg (5418 Byte)

see what Michael Weigert build from a Pearl TT !!!!! Perfect!!

Top work by Patrik Dellai from France
Sönke Jäger build this set with Keller shells and continental pearlBernhard Bechers set in Blue diamond
See what Pasi Käppi from Finnland build with finest Keller shellsSee what Pierre from France build

Peter Zettls "Lite" in tourquis oyster see his homepage

Max Bonvini did that r job on a Gretsch kit with yellow gloss see his homepage

Andreas Noethlings did this great job in turqouis glitter   Samuels TW white pearl set
Oliver Rummlers Trixon in Sky blue see the homepage of his band

Didi Joppichs Trixon in bermuda sand                       by frans from Holland  


 new wrap on pedro vianas setand see the snares he made


Edgar Liebert`s set  Tiago from Scotland build this snaredrum.Great Job by Hannes Ursprunger


 Dirk Himmighöfers white pearl kit.  Richard Taylor made this snareJochen Leydes Dream Set  

Michael Reiserer did this recovering job inPeter Keereweer  did this picollo snare form a beach shell.

recovering job in black sparkle Owner H.W Seide .Klick on Picture !!!

Shell and Snare build by Christian Lindemann  .Klick on Picture !!!

Set recovered by Carsten Best .Klick on Picture !!!

Snare build by Jarle Byberg/Norway  .Klick on Picture !!!Sandra Vaz recovered this Hayman set

Tama recovered with charcoal owner is Marc Oliver Mayer BAND1   BAND2

see what a carpenter shop from Dresden made out of a Keller Mahagonyshell !!!the owner of the drum is Georg Fröde

see the snare  build by Jacob Roved from Denmark

see the set recovered by Jacob Jessen from Denmark in gold glitter

see this beautiful set of Uwe Gans

Peter Hermann with his white pearl set.

 Gretsch "charcoal"set of Marius Kubisch

 This nice snare was made by Christoph Ahlemeyer

  made by Stefan Bertsche jaap habes converted 18" FT-BD

  made by Markus Knestel please see his websites!!projekt 1   projekt 3

  made by Johannes Jahn

  covered with bermuda sand by Sven Waltematheveeeeerrryyyy nice!!

  covered by sergio from spaingreat job!!

 Gretsch set in black diamond of Denis Walter

 Olli Ahonen rewraped this premierset in gold sparklecontinental Pearl by W.Wafrek

 Slingerland drumset in TW white pearl rewrapped from Bruno Dupont

 Reimund Dratwa did this rewrap in red sparkle

 Volker Naves TRIXON set in satinflame  Rob Parry from UK is the owner of this set

 Martin Kucera from Switzerland did this beautiful stave shell snares

   Joonas Pyhtilä owns a TAMA snare with st-woodhoops and a selfmade white pearl snare

 Clemens Damhuis and Jan ter Maat did that rewrap on a Gretschset

 Erik Duivenfoorde build this nice snare

 Alexander Yannilos  build this nice split snare     

 Wolfgang Paskert´s recovered set Click here for his websiteMartin Koenigs BDs

Frank Boestfleischs Sonor set in green glitter            Dennis Widmer build this snare

2 drums done by Max Zeidler Manfred Vogt build this nice snare

Rasmus Kurdahl from Danmark with his recovered sets

Bo Albertus made this fantastic little Diashow of his drumbuilding,just click for download

Alex Lantheaume did this nice snare

 Samuel Geiger made this  nice13X8 snare                                Joe Wallace made this set

 Martijn Muis recovered this beverly set with TW white pearl

Kenneth Ahrenkiel build this fantastic snare.  kristofer fredrikssons Ludwigset

Christian Jenner build this great drums

Johan Boere´s set

Per Skoglund´s set

M.van Toor´s set      Michael Degen builds this lovely snareshell 

Bo Albertus build this snare      Tobi Pfluger made this set

thats the work of Rick Bours !!   and  are the websites

that snares are build by morten skov

that drums are build by johan Sundborger  

Sören Leupolds Leedy Restauration

nice snare by Dragan Milojevic      Dominik Meyerle´s new  beech shell with bubinga verneer

Sammy van Gils set well done!!! Leon Hoeben´s snare -see the website of his bands 1 - 2
   Henrik Rathje build this great set
  Selims nice Slingerland sets
Oliver Herrmann´s first rewraping job .well done in lime sparkle
Great Solid shell snare by Roland Günther
Peter Luppert stained this Gretsch set in Walnut colorChristian Lencis snare ! Nice!!
premier gold glitter premier gold glitter see the nice gold glitter recovering of Jon Petersen

Vladimir Korenić did that nice snare    Bernd Alsdorf ´s set

red sparkle Gretsch gretsch TW white pearl big Gustl Schramm with his new recovered sets
Befor and after Reinhard Winkler rewrapt his SONOR SWINGER His
Benjamin Schehr builds this nice set 
This is the custom SONOR set of Christian Krischkowsky  BD18,TT12,FT14
acrylsnareacrylsnare Max Fuss build this nice Snare
Mario pimped that snare
Janik build that set click on pictures
Thierry Lambour with his charcoal set

FOR THE BOOKS :Call Troyan Music Tel.089-267421 Jürgen!!

juergen.jpg (10056 Byte)books.JPG (12877 Byte)