Some Stdrumplayers

   Stdrumplayers   Stdrumplayers   Stdrumplayers

Paul Wiltgen from Luxemburg one of my first customers             see the Paul Wiltgen Group


  Stdrumplayers Stdrumplayers Stdrumplayers

Lars Lunova           SIN CITY       you tube 1      you tube 2     website


    STdrums players      STdrums players     STdrums players

Ralf Trebing His Projekts:a couple of souls  and  jazzattakk and  chief of modernmusicschool saarlouis also playing  Alfred Lauer BigBand and Joachim Knauber BigBand


     STdrums players    STdrums players    STdrums players

Werner Bachert(BeeGee) St-set +one piece Oaksnare


    STdrums players     STdrums players     STdrums players

Harald Bruckner plays a ST-Snare


         STdrums players          STdrums players

Steffen Bürthel`s ST-set


STdrums players STdrums players   Ludwig Witt from Sweden with his ST-set


STdrums playersSTdrums playersSTdrums players

 Winfried Haug plays ST-Drums with his band SALONMELODIE


  STdrums players   STdrums players    STdrums players

Jukka Toivanen with his ST-snares: a STdrums build Rogers replika  and a ST -green pearl

  STdrums players  STdrums players   STdrums players

H.W. Seide with his ST snare and a bermuda sand covered HAYMAN set     See his Band NOVA C in Youtube


STdrums players

here is Ralf Neuhaus with his ST- snare in bermuda sand.


   STdrums players    STdrums players     STdrums players

Alex Heyerhoff with his "Monster" made from Sonorparts,Nickelstrainer and a ST-Beechshell.Alex likes the color :-)))


            STdrums players          STdrums players

Tobias Pickel`s set in aqua satin flame 


Erik Schüßler, playing with True Collins - A Tribute to Phil Collins & Genesis

           STdrums players                STdrums players

Dirk Peter Schäfer plays STdrums snares.Band:


STdrums players

Charly Testappen (The Lords) with his custom build "Ludwig" BD made from a Keller shell with oysterblackfinish


STdrums players  STdrums players  STdrums players

  Alexander Deutsch (Tush)plays a customized Ludwig set in black sparkle

STdrums players  STdrums players STdrums players Thorsten Petry plays STdrums
STdrums players STdrums players A nice guy with a nice snare.A drummer from Italy : Max Bonvini
STdrums playersSTdrums playersSTdrums playersSTdrums playersJörg Cassel plays a big ST-BD
  STdrums players  STdrums players  STdrums players  STdrums players  STdrums players

Kenneth Duelund from Denmark plays ST-Drums

STdrums playersSTdrums playersSTdrums playersRon Vranken with his new ST-Snares
STdrums playersPlease see Stefan K.Hansen´s black glitter Set- Click here for
STdrums players STdrums players Sascha Heimsoth plays ST-drums(charcoal finish) 
STdrums playersRene Marx plays Stdrums/ see his website
STdrums players STdrums players STdrums players STdrums playersSTdrums playersSTdrums players STdrums players

Dominik Neumüllers Set 

 Matthias Starch  STdrums playersSTdrums playersplays ST-drums
Iwailo Nedelev  plays a "camco snare" made byST-drumsSTdrums players STdrums players see the website of his band uses ST-drums parts and drums   Please see their website for details!

STdrums players           STdrums players            STdrums players        

Stefan Lammerts plays  STdrums

STdrums players        STdrums players      STdrums players


          STdrums players           STdrums players  Jens Halbauer plays STdrums 

St custom drums   Picture of Matthias sosommer/nearbig.jpgon

Big set of Matthias Schimetzek see :


Marcus Wadle plays STdrumsSTdrums players STdrums players
STdrums players Christoph Sommer :Maple with Zebrawood ST-Snare STdrums players
          STdrums players   Dietmar Bäuerle plays STdrums  Set 16x16,13x7,10x7 STdrums players
Bjarne Nilsson and his Stdrums set STdrums players STdrums players Beechwood silver glitter
STdrums players Lukas Hoelbling likes his STdrums
            STdrums playersHermann plays Stdrums STdrums players
Martin Vangbo likes his STdrums (CVL shells)
Christian Krischkowsky plays a STdrums custommade SONOR set

 Ralf Bender


Michael Meyer with his refinished set


Peter Bajorat von MAX LEVEL spielt ST-Customdrums