3M30NF water dispersed 

Here we show how to use the glue 

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3M30nf 3M30nf  3M30nf 3M30nf
we need   apply on shell all over  you get a white surface
3M30nf 3M30nf  3M30nf 3M30nf
apply on wrap backside  and on the seam remove the  tape immediately  after 10-20 minutes the color changes ,its dry!!be sure it is dry!! then....
3M30nf      3M30nf 3M30nf  3M30nf
place it on the table  allign the center and wrap arround the shell
3M30nf  3M30nf 3M30nf  3M30nf
left and right  we use a machine  for that ready for next step