rewrap a set with spray glue and specialtools

a complete set of drums is to do

sizes are 12x8TT,13x8TT,16x15FT,22x14BD

the shells are clean and sanded for a smooth


The wrap is called white ripple and the set is a

Beverley from England



we start with the TT 12x8 and 13x8

first step is to align the wrap with the shell

and place the overlapping on the place we want

then make a mark on the shell and on the wrap

from which the wrap glueing is starting



Delmar wrap has a clear protection sheet on top

this must be removed from the space where the

 overlapping is

The mark from here we start glueing



some pics of the seam

you can see the clear protection sheet

which must be removed from the overlapping area

the same work is to do on the 16x15 FT,cut the wrap so you have a overlapping of about 3cm and remove the clear protection sheet from the area of overlapping

here you can see the mark on top of the picturealso you can see the papertape just on the end of the overlapping


2=End of overlapping

3= papertape

4= Seam the blue area shows the witdh


The Bassdrum is a little different because the sheets are not long enough to do the BD  with one piece.So we need 2 pieces and 2 overlappings for all drumsizes bigger than 16" in diameterHere you can see the lower piece
and the upper piece.

see the mark on top of the

shell like on all other drums

the rear surface of the wrap is sprayed with our specialglue
and the shell outside too
glue must dry befor we can put it on the sell
BD lower piece is on the shell
our press tool helps to hold the wrap

properly on the shell

set is ready