repairing cracks

big crack Somebody packed a 12" TomTom into a 20 Bassdrum without care. This is what happened .


Das passiert wenn jemand eine 12"TomTom lose in einer BassTrommel transportiert


inside  Rogers shell View of inside damage.

Von innen gesehen


inside Rogers shell After removing the wood you can see the coverings backside.

Holz mit Handfräse entfernt


outside Rogers shell Outside of damage after removing the wood.

Blick von aussen


Rogers shell I pressed a half-round piece of wood on the surface

Von aussen wird ein gebogenes Holzstück aufgepresst


hole filled with ponal and filled in the damage with a special woodfiller.

Die Innenseite wird mit 2K. Spachtel verschlossenl


Rogers ready You can see it with your own eyes, but the camera cannot see the repaired spot. The shell has to be painted grey (for cosmetic reasons) inside and there we are on the road again.

Die Stelle ist fast nicht mehr sichtbar!


Costs??? not much!!!!

Gerd Stegner 08.2000

Trixon BD Even big cracks(here a Trixon Bassdrum).....
Trixon BD ... can be repaired with that kind of glue
Trixon BD see the spot after repair
Trixon BD and outside