Gretsch type eylets ,how to install

eylets  airvents You want to install a eylet in the 

"Gretsch" way .

This works with any kind of  eylets and badges.

This eylets are for sale in the hardwarepage.

Here is the instruction

eylets  airventseylets  airvents What we need this 4mm socket for the"Gretsch" Eylet or a 5mm for our 10mm"Sonor" eylets.

These parts you can find in every cheap wrench socket set

eylets  airvents This shows the 5mm version with a Sonor 10mm eylet

With washers you can adjust how deep you will cut the eylet but you can see that later

eylets  airventseylets  airvents Put the eylet on the socket like this.
eylets  airvents This shows the Sonor eylet on top of that 5mm tool with a washer.

More washers decrease the deepness of the cuts.

eylets  airventseylets  airvents Fix it in a vice and use a metalsaw to cut 4 times .
eylets  airventseylets  airvents You will get this out.
eylets  airvents Put it in the badge.
eylets  airvents Put the badge on the shell and it looks like this.
eylets  airventseylets  airvents Use a metal ball and hit the ball with a hammer.
eylets  airventseylets  airvents That is the look when you use the ball and the hammer.

Now use the hammer without the ball.

eylets  airvents Looks like This
eylets  airvents Not a Gretsch badge but that doesnt matter