Snarebuilding easy method

Shell and parts Parts:Only the best parts should be  used

Solid 1ply extra thin walnutshell/Tubelugs/

Puresound-snare wires



calculator Use the same method like in easy drumbuilding above for

dividing the shell

Methode wie beim Trommelbau

marking Make a line on the tape for  aligning the 2 holes for the lugs

Klebeband schützt beim Bohren

Layout mat / schablone Oder man nimmt diese Schablone 

(siehe Hardwareseite/Tools)

marking Apply pencilmarks on the maskingtape
drillingsnareb6.JPG (5612 Byte) Then use a centerpunch to mark the shell

drill the hole using the mark on the wood


Markierung für den Bohrer

snarebed My machine is cutting the snarebed(you can do that by hand)


Snarebed wird gefräst

snarebed My 2mm snarebed!!
Nickel Drumworks Place the strainer and butt end right in the middle between two lugs where the snarebed is located.

Strainer anbringen

walnut snare Ready (but sold )