how to modify a SONOR Hilite lug

By Joep Willemsen 

Hilite SONOR lug 1: The goal: Taking the lug apart, shorten the tube, and assemble again to have a shorter lug.
Hilite SONOR lug 2 What you need: A small hex key and a plastic hammer, or anything else to strike the lug without damaging the lacquer on the copper. With chrome lugs a harder hammer can be used, but a plastic hammer will do just fine. You can also use a screwdriver handle, I used that on my first lug.
Hilite SONOR lug 3 The hex screw is inside the lug screw hole. Fiddle and turn a bit until you get the hex key in. You'll know when it's the right size. It will feel quite 'stuck' and turning requires quite a bit of force at first.

Hilite SONOR lug 4 The black insert removed. I removed it just to show the insert. You don't have to fully remove it, just unscrewing it for 5-10 half-turns is ok. The pointy end of the insert falls into a small hole in the middle tube of the lug, so it only has to be unscrewed for a few mm.

Hilite SONOR lug 5 Hit the end of the lug with a plastic hammer as showed in the picture.
Hilite SONOR lug 6 After a few blows you'll see that it has moved already.
Hilite SONOR lug 7 A few more blows and the end piece comes off.

Hilite SONOR lug 8 All lugs disassembled, ready for cutting them down to fit on a smaller drum.