Tips+Tricks /Wrap Tips

 Wrap a Tom Tom  Wrap a Bassdrum  Wrap a hoop  Install eylets
 Wrap polish  Wrap stripes  Facts about drumwrap  Install Gretsch eylets
Open holes in wrap  Patchwork  Wrap Roland  Edrums close small holes
how use glue 8055  how to use glue 3M  How to use glue Pattex  Remove old glue

Precision drums

New york

rewrap a set EnglishInstructions  Old wrap how to remove  Remove Badges
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Tips+Tricks /SONOR Tips

Signature Snare Tuningkey Swinger snare Make a screw
D426 Teardoplugs Single lugs repair Signature bracket
Hilite lugs Lite strainer Bracket repair Teardropset
Extender Spurs Pancake M6 action M6 swinger

snarewire homemade

Tips + Tricks/Other Tips

Straineradapter bad snarebed repair big cracks pinstripe to powerstroke
Straineradapter variable polish chrome build a snare thin leg big bracket


metric heads Drumbuilding easy Drumsound Repair bearing edge
apply logo stickers stlugs assemble egg shape BD Oil a shell
Drill big holes Mark holes Nickel Strainer Dunnett strainer
about  threads Adjustable   router Floortom to Bassdrum Snarebed homemade
screw is to long Reinforcement rings Olympic BD spurs BD Rods missing
Drumarmsizes BDcrack RemoSnare Acryl shells bearing edge

BD spur repair Veneerjob more to come more to come
Shoepolish on shells Floortom Repair Dunnettbracket CNC drill
Video 1 Video 2 Video 3  
Calculatorsite Cutting drumshells Facts of wood Facts of wood