some facts about wrap/Infos über Schlagzeugfolie


Schlagzeugfolie on the left you see red sparkle


 ,on the right red glitter

Schlagzeugfolie glitter is made out of a white back with broken mirror(glas) pieces.

The  color comes from the top layer which is red.

Schlagzeugfolie sparkle is made out of a white back with small metal pieces on it.

The color comes also from the toplayer


Schlagzeugfolie  This is a one  component pearl.The color comes from the material itself.

The backside looks just like the front.

Its fabricatet from a block of celluliod.

The block is sliced into thin sheets,then the surface of the sheet is polished for a high gloss look

Schlagzeugfolie this i a 2 component material.The color comes from the black backside.....
Schlagzeugfolie .....the look comes from the thin nearly clear upper celluloid layer which is on top of the black backside